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Kabuto's Fan Girls♥
For Us... "Sexy" Comes With Coke Bottle Glasses...
July 20th, 2008 
01:33 pm - K..Kabu?!
A Kabu community! <3 Luff luff luff!! It saddens me that it doesn't have ... many members though. I'll help and attemp to advertise! >_<"";;
:} Yey! I've sadly nothing to post here since the only sort of fan art I've done with Kabu has an OC that I deem sort of 'insane' and I don't like them. :'c *Le sigh* I might make a short, one shot fan fic juuuust for here because it's BARE! TT___TT;; But I feel my cracked OC will come around.

. . . HELLO!
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